Internal Portfolio

Experimentation & fantastic clients means a lot to us - take a look at our portfolio below.

Client: Fields Supervalu

Project Brief:

Showcase the 'Fields Supervalu' brand emphasising the customer experience, local producers and community engagement. Delivering a number of videos through authentic, storytelling shorts conveying how Field's SuperValu celebrate their staff, customers, producers and local community.


Production and Project Management:
The project created four short videos and included: project management, pre-production, production, editing, travel, interview voiceover, drone photography, colour grading, music licensing, data storage, production assistants.





Short 1: 'What Makes Us Different'

Duration: 1min 38 seconds
Music: 'Martini Shake' - Airstream
Shoot location: Fields Supervalu, Skibbereen

Video summary and concept:

To create a fast-paced tour of the shop to encompass all of what Fields of Skibbereen has to offer. Interviews were undertaken with staff to extract the elements which make 'Fields'. Soundbytes were then used from staff during the fast moving tour of the shop to narrate the short.


Quick cutting, frame blending and speedramping was used to depict a 'one take' effect bringing the viewer in one smooth motion throughout the entire store, cameras cut through walls and glass to finish at the shop front.

We ensured all key messages were delivered for the client through the narrators of the video and the funk/soul soundtrack ensured to portray fresh and modern feel.

Play Short 1 here:

Short 2: 'Serving the islands of West Cork since 1935'

Duration: 4min 16 seconds
Music: 'Beginnings' - Monobox & 'The Gift' - Onsoho
Shoot location: Fields Supervalu, Skibbereen, Sherkin Island, Cape Clear Island, and Baltimore Village Co. Cork.

Video summary and concept:

To create an awareness video about the delivery service to the islands of West Cork (focusing on Sherkin Island and Cape Clear/Oileán Chléire) and what impact it has on the communities that live there.


The video was shot in both the English and Irish language remaining authentic to the Gaeltacht of Cape Clear. Fourteen characters of the islands and Fields Supervalu told their stories of what the delivery service means to them. The video style was akin to mini documentary as we revealed brief short snippets about each character, their lifestyle and how they are connected to Fields Supervalu.


Extensive drone footage was used to highlight the distance the ferry service went and to emphasise the remoteness of the islands. The video highlighted both challenges and opportunities of living on the island and how the delivery services of Fields assists their day to day living.


Cinematic soundtrack ensured to portray a sentimental and reflective feel. 

Special Notes: This video was showcased on the national Supervalu/Musgrave Group social media accounts and was also used at the Musgrave Retail Conference Amsterdam (2017) and Musgrave Supplier Conference Paris (2017).

Play Short 2 here:

Short 3: 'From Land to Sea - The West Cork Producers'

Duration: 4min 05 seconds
Music: 'Patterns' - Alex Arcoleo & 'City Skies' - Bastian
Shoot location: Fields Supervalu, Skibbereen, & Skeaghnore, Ballydehob, Schull, Union Hall, Co. Cork.

Video summary and concept:

To create an awareness video about the wealth of artisan producers in West Cork and the impact it has on the communities that live there, as well as highlighting the international reputation and award winning products.


The video was shot over five months to accommodate the seasonal nature of all products. A mix of producers were selected for the production, including established producers, new companies and traditional producers to give a feel of all types of local businesses.

Reflective and minimalist soundtrack was used to give space for the heavy dialogue and accents of all characters.

Play Short 3 here:

Instagram Small Stories: '60 second shorts of characters from our production'

Duration: 60 seconds each
Short Descriptions: 60 second shorts purposely created as teasers for the main videos.


The core production team consisted of Joseph O'Sullivan, Fiona Dwyer, Deividas Paulauskas, Gráinne Dwyer and Michael McCarthy.



A sincere thanks to all of the volunteers of the shoot, the customers and staff of Fields Supervalu Skibbereen.