The Why

- Why we do, what we do


At Stori we believe in doing things differently

Markets are now saturated with too much choice for consumers leaving the consumer more empowered to be the making and breaking of a brand. The power to purchase is in the consumers hands but the power to persuade still lies with the brand. It now lies with the brand on how they want to tell that story to earn customers attention. This requires creative agencies to challenge brands to come out of their comfort zones and produce content that has a story to it - drama, comedy, fantasy or adventure. These are the stories that will invite meaning to the consumer on a deeper level.


What We Offer

Stori’s portfolio is designed to provide creative storytelling marketing services to businesses. From helping define their “magic slice” which comprises of what brands want to showcase in comparison to what audiences actually want to hear, to improving their chances for long-term customer engagement, to creating concrete marketing deliverables to promote their original ideas, Stori seeks to help businesses advertise their brand on all possible platforms using top of the range technology.​

Video production​

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How we do it

 Brands need to be more cognisant of the possibilities that await them. We want to create stories that inspire people to talk and invite conversation with one another. No matter how big or small the project - we believe in rising to the challenge of creating a culturally relevant story for a brand with distinguished creative insights in order to attract their magic slice of the market. We incorporate a synergetic collaboration with a wide range of skill sets across the board which encompass client service, creative, digital, social and planning, all under the one roof, at the same time to ensure that we produce hard to ignore, compelling visuals and storytelling to create exceptional campaigns for our brands. It is imperative that we create content that is “mobile first” for all campaigns. From campaign inception to campaign execution we will ensure that the campaign matches not only the brands voice but also the voice of their consumer. We want to take risks where boring brands don’t.


Why do you need to incorporate storytelling into your marketing?

"Ireland is a nation of storytellers and poets. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell a good tale and bring a story to life

Michael D. higgins
President of Ireland
Michael D. Higgins